10 Best College Football Fans

Are you a fan of one of these college teams?

When it comes to college football, there is no shortage of fans. From alumni to students, to locals cheering for their team, you will always see a packed stadium at nearly any major university. With this said, some schools know how to do it way better than others. For those attending top schools, with the largest alumni base, getting into a college football game is quite a thrill.

Whether you are a casual fan, go to a few games a year, or hold season tickets, college football season is one of the most exciting times of the year for the true fan. Namely when bowl season kicks off, and college football playoffs, have truly revolutionized the fan experience. Getting tickets early, especially to the top college football schools, is of utmost importance if you want a seat in the stadium.

Although most major schools sell out regularly, some schools really have a loyal fan base and do it right each game of the season. These are some of the top schools out there, that have the most loyal and dedicated college football fans at every football game.