10 Best Liberal Arts Colleges in the US

Start here if you’re considering a liberal arts degree.

For individuals who are planning on receiving a degree in liberal arts, determining which school to attend can be complicated. Depending on the level of education you hope to receive, the best liberal arts colleges in the U.S. can offer highly rated curriculum, coursework, and instructors in the field of study you wish to earn your degree in.

Due to the fact that there are hundreds of liberal arts colleges to choose from, many specializing in particular fields of this broad undergraduate degree type, knowing where to apply can sometimes be tough for students to understand. With this said, there are many top liberal arts colleges, some of which are extremely small, and do not have as much national recognition as others, where you can get a great education.

For individuals who wish to attend the best liberal arts colleges in the U.S., there are a number of options to consider when the time comes for you to apply to the top schools nationally. When making a short list of schools to consider for a liberal arts undergraduate degree, these are some of the most well known and best options according to U.S. News rankings.