10 Most Expensive Cars

Photo by Jaydec

Photo by Jaydec

The car industry has seen a number of record breaking sales with some models going for very expensive prices. This is mainly due to unique features as well as the rarity of many models of specific cars. Many of these cars are cars you will never see in everyday life.

The most expensive cars also often have some kind of historical significance, or are associated with a famous person or celebrity. It is not uncommon to find a car that would normally be nothing special, gaining value and reaching a high price over time because of one of these factors.

In order to secure such vehicles, one has to show interest, book well in advance, and of course have the funds to purchase. Despite being financially able, there is no guarantee that one can secure such cars. The future in automobiles is sure to bring surprises along with record breaking price tags. For now, here are the 10 most valuable and expensive cars available.