10 Foods Linked to Cancer

Are your favorite foods bad for your health?

It seems there is always a study proclaiming that something we eat is bad for our health. It can be difficult figuring out which foods to continue to eat and which ones to eliminate from our diets. It may be helpful when choosing the best foods for our health to focus on eliminating those that pose the greatest health risks.

Each year, about 14 million people across the globe learn they have cancer. With no cure or prevention method available, Cancer should be considered a clear risk to our health. Although we can’t be certain which foods or elements in our environment are completely responsible for cancer, we can, at least, attempt to stay away from potential risks that could possibly be the cause of this disease.

A study passed on by Cancer.org, reported that there will be an estimated 1,658,370 cancer cases diagnosed in the year of 2015. That’s a frighteningly large number to read. Fortunately, by steering clear of certain foods, you can decrease your cancer risk a significant amount. While a lot of risk-factors depend on genetics, environmental aspects, and detrimental behaviors, some foods are known to contain harmful pesticides and artificial ingredients that can lead to various forms of cancer. It is important to be aware of these food varieties so that you can avoid them, and hopefully¬†decrease your risk.