10 Places in the World You Should See Before You Die

Photo by twak

Photo by twak

How many of these are on your list of must-see places?

Many people have bucket lists which include things they’d like to experience before they die – like skydiving or mountain climbing. These lists also often include places they’d like to visit, famous people they hope to meet one day, and simple things such as finding a four leaf clover.

There are also places around the world that fall into more than one category. These places are not only places you should visit and experience, but are places with landscapes and beauty that will leave you breathless, and are among some of the most amazing views in the world.

With so many distinct places to visit, so many gorgeous pieces of architecture, and so many different views of waterways, mountains, and other scenery, which ones are the ones you should place at the top of your list? Well, depending on what you like most, each individual will have a different answer. These are the 10 places in the world that we think you should see before you die.