10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Purchase an Apple Watch

Hop on, or avoid this bandwagon?

The development of the Apple Watch was announced earlier and many people immediately predicted the device to become the leader in geeky tech and wearables. Apple is already predicting 1 million in sales during its first week on the market – even though no one really knows what exactly they are getting in exchange for the hefty price tag. Many of the predicted sales include “fanboys and girls” who generally purchase any device Apple offers.

You know those people who love Apple, and always have to buy the latest products they develop – you may even be one of those people. But, if you are debating on whether or not to go with the Apple watch, this is one product you are going to want to skip over, even if you have loved their entire line of products up to this point.

There are already many other, similar products out there that are less expensive, and although Apple has claimed that its watch will provide new and improved, high-tech ways to stay in touch and tell time, there are a number of reasons you should reconsider if you are debating whether or not you should buy this watch.