10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Purchase an Apple Watch

The Size

The face of the watch is larger than normal, regular watches that only tell time. This can especially be a problem for those with smaller wrists. There isn’t much that Apple can do at this point to make the watch closer to the sizes of other watches, especially when its intended to function like a smartphone.

Because of its size, the Apple Watch is going to look massive on the wrist, it is going to limit movement, and it is going to weigh you down and end up being an inconvenience or distraction. Even if you are used to massive watches, this one is larger than most smart watches out there.

Of course there are many people who lay claim to the watch, and say it will be a great addition to their Apple collection. For the average individual, it is not only a waste of money, but it is going to be a lackluster, redundant device that won’t work in the majority of the situations where you need to rely on it most. If you are one of those people who must have all the products Apple creates, at least give it a few more months so you can see if the kinks are worked out, and whether you’d prefer spending your money on the second generation version of the Apple Watch.


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