10 Richest Women in 2014

Perenna Kei

Perenna Kei is the youngest billionaire on the list. The 24 year old is the controlling owner of the real estate giant in China known as Logan Properties. Kei is the daughter of the company’s CEO and chairman, Ji Haipeng. According to company documents, Perenna Kei is the majority shareholder, the settler of the trust and acts “in accordance with Mr. Ji’s directions.”
As of December 2013, Logan Properties went public and on its first day of trading, the stock rose an astounding 2.4%. This recordsetting rise is what made Kei a billionaire, and the youngest billionaire in 2014.

Although the women on the annual billionaire lists usually make up a very small fraction of the lists, the 2014 list is a great indication of not only more women becoming billionaires, but more women becoming self-made billionaires. In the future, we can expect to see more billionaires, both male and female, from many different backgrounds and a wide range of fields.


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