10 Tips for Skipping the Line at the Apple Genius Bar

Tired of waiting in line? Try these tips.

The Apple Genius Bar is available for owners of Apple devices to get help through “experts,” with their devices. Rather than simply visiting a store and asking general questions, you are assigned an expert to help you troubleshoot, repair, or otherwise offer you services for your devices.

For the most part, everything at the Genius Bar is quite organized, all the way down to the layout. Employees use iPads to check software and machines. Notebooks may be available for troubleshooting iPods and iPhones, and stools are available for customers to sit at the bar and chat with other customers or employees.

However, since opening, there have been complaints of various issues with the Genius Bar. For example, customers sometimes find it difficult to get desired appointment times. Additionally, not only is the process of getting assistance or service often long,  but wait times upon arrival can be frustratingly long as well. Here are 10 tips for cutting down on your wait time and getting moved up in the line at the Genius Bar, sooner than anticipated.