10 Tips for Skipping the Line at the Apple Genius Bar


Photo by pixabay

Know Somebody

Like many other areas in life, when you know the right people, you are going to get assisted faster, more often than not. The same goes for the Apple Genius Bar. If you know someone who works at one of these bars, either an employee, or someone who works in technical support, you can always try this angle to get in.

There are people behind the computers scheduling the appointments. Sometimes it is as simple as knowing the right person or talking to the right person, in order to get in a little sooner.

No matter what the issues, current wait times to get into the Apple Genius Bar are known to be quite long. But, with the right claim and appointment booking, it is possible to get in a little sooner. Try out these methods if you want to get in quickly, rather than waiting for days or spending long periods of time in line.