10 Highest Paid Celebrities of 2014

Photo by Bill Norton

Photo by Bill Norton

Did your favorite celeb make the list?

Celebrities come in the form of movie and TV stars, politicians, theater, music, and of course athletes. Most of these individuals are highly paid for the crafts but some are able to earn more money than many of us can even imagine.

Many people wish they could make the kind of money these celebrities make over the course of their career and dream of the things they might do if given the chance. Even if we could make what they earn in one year, our lives would be set and most of us would never work another day in our lives.

Not only are these some of the most well known names in Hollywood, they are also some of the highest paid people on the planet. While some of the most well known names in Hollywood didn’t make the list of highest paid celebrities, you can believe their fortunes from prior years will hold them over. With multimillion dollar projects and opportunities turning up daily, many celebrities don’t have to worry about their finances for years to come.