Top 10 Artists Sued for Copyright Infringement

Are these songs copies? You be the judge.

It seems that some of the top music artists have used tunes, beats, or entire songs from other artists or artists of the past. Not only are some of the biggest artists sued on a regular basis for copyright infringement, but they often end up paying out quite a bit to the original developer of the music, if a court rules in the original artists’ favor.

It is not uncommon for copyright infringement cases to pop up from time to time in the world of music and in art. When many of these lawsuits were originally filed, many of the bands and artists being sued were at the prime of their career. Not only do these cases come up against the biggest names in music, but they also seem to end up resulting in royalty payments to the original artists, as well as major settlements to the original artists of the song.

Some of the most well known songs have been “borrowed” from previous tunes. Claims range from just sounding slightly similar to sounding exactly like the same song. Here are the top 10 songs and their artists sued for copyright infringement.