Top 10 Cities to Live in Arizona

Photo by Alexander Nie

Photo by Alexander Nie

Do you live in one of these great cities?

The Grand Canyon State has always been known for its beautiful red sands and desert-like atmosphere. Not only does Arizona offer an endearing rustic feel, but it also holds some of the most well-known historical monuments and natural landscapes across the nation. Home to over 6,731,484 individuals, Arizona is only predicted to grow in size as more people become intrigued by its picturesque qualities.

The state of Arizona continuously gains new residents due to its diverse and natural qualities. Not many states can provide you with both desert-like settings, as well as wintery mountain views. With such a high range of variety, there is an Arizona city that is perfect for almost every individual.

Whether you’re looking for a place that will provide you with invigorating landscapes to boat and hike, or you’re looking for more of a small-town feel, Arizona cities can suit all of these needs and more. Here are Arizona’s top 10 cities to live in, according to data available at Areavibes.