Top 10 College Basketball Teams

Did your team make the list?

When it comes to choosing the top college basketball teams, it seems every season is a mystery. Namely due to the fact that many big names from the national championship team have left to join the NBA. With this said, the field is wide open for new teams to step in, as well as established teams to make a deeper run into the tournament.

Of course, big name teams and coaches are always going to have a reputation which draws in young talent. With this said, there are many teams which have established talent, as well as a solid core coming back for the season. There are also many teams who were previously underdogs, but are now considered to be some of the top college basketball teams to look out for this season.

Whether you are a casual fan, are alumni, or simply get into it when March Madness rolls around, some team names always creep into the mix. Keep in mind that there are also underdogs among the top contenders this season. These are the top 10 college basketball teams to look out for.