Top 10 College Soccer Teams

Is your favorite soccer team on this list?

When it comes to ranking the top college soccer teams, there are many strong men’s teams in the nation to consider. Depending on where the teams play, which conference they are in, and which top recruit is chosen, the list can easily change from one season to the next, and one single player can make a huge shake up on any team and an entire conference for that matter.

Of course the university is going to appeal to certain players, as is the history of the soccer program, and the coaching staff. When considering the top college soccer teams, all of these factors have to be considered in order to properly rank teams. Further, the conference, and weather conditions where teams play, can greatly affect team performance.

Regardless of the type of soccer, the style of play, or field of play, there are many great soccer teams in the U.S. These are 10 of the top college soccer teams to keep your eyes on, based on Graduation Success Rate (GSR), school quality, and athletic and academic success of the students.