Top 10 Dirtiest Beaches in Texas

Photo by Terry Ross

Photo by Terry Ross

Have you visited any of these dirty beaches?

The great state of Texas seems to have everything that anyone will need. There are many farms and rural towns for those who prefer peace and quiet along with wide open spaces. Texas is also home to many large cities that you can get lost in.

As the second largest state in the Union, Texas has a lot in common with the first largest state–California. One of these things is the beaches. Texans do not have to go far in order to be able to swim in a lake or to have a great time on the beach.

Before you decide to make a trip to the beach in the Lone Star State, make sure you choose your beach carefully. There are some beaches that are known for pollution, dirty water, and sand, and too many spring breakers at one time, which brings a lot of destruction. Before you dip your toes in, here’s our list of the 10 dirtiest beaches in Texas according to beach water quality data provided by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).