Top 10 Most Expensive Personal Yachts

Photo by Axou

Photo by Axou

Can you imagine sailing the seas with one of these?

When it comes to owning personal yachts, it is not the type of purchase the average working family is able to make. These massive ships, with multiple rooms, on board amenities, and the finest designs imaginable, are typically left for the rich and famous to purchase.

Not only are these yachts valued at more than the average price of a mansion, they also have far more features and amenities. Even if we wouldn’t purchase them, it would be nice to spend an afternoon or a few days being able to enjoy these massive ships and features.

Still, it’s nice to check out the things that celebrities and wealthy people purchase and imagine what it might be like on one of these million dollar yachts. Here are 10 of the most expensive personal yachts¬†on the water.