Top 10 Facts You Should Know about the Keystone Pipeline

The Keystone Pipeline has been commissioned since 2010 and consists of four phases for development, the fourth of which is still pending U.S. government approval. Through the years, the pipeline has had a combination of support and concerns, but there are still details that most people are not aware of.

The three phases of the Keystone Pipeline that are completed are Phase I, which involves delivery of oil from Alberta to Nebraska, to a refinery in Illinois. Phase II involves the Keystone-Cushing extension to a tank farm in Oklahoma, and Phase III which runs from Oklahoma to Texas refineries. Phase IV, which has not yet been completed, duplicates Phase I, but with a shorter pipe through Montana.

Simply put, the Keystone Pipeline is an oil pipeline system running through Canada and the U.S. It is basically a distribution center for oil, through different parts of the U.S. and through Canada. Although it is claimed to provide a number of benefits to the U.S., over the years President Obama has delayed the continual construction and improvement, which is potentially hindering use of available oil. These are ten things most people don’t know about this massive pipeline which distributes oil throughout the country.