Top 10 Mishaps at a Professional Sports Game

Is your favorite on this list?

When mishaps at a professional sports game occur, we are usually more intrigued and entertained, than fearful something might actually injure an athlete or a fan. Not only do mishaps occur regularly, they are a part of the game, and are often anticipated.

Although they are professionals who have trained for their sport and are typically pretty good at it, there are a number of instances where players make mistakes, or other elements get involved to cause mishaps. Even if you didn’t witness these mishaps live, many are still floating around and available online.

The players and people involved would love for you to forget they ever happened, but as fans, we love to see that our favorite athletes are human, and do make mistakes as well. Some mishaps stand out more than others. These are 10 memorable mishaps which have occurred during a professional sports game.