The Top 10 Richest Cities in New York


Is your town on the list?

When you think of the state of New York, it’s common to envision the indie coffee shops and clustered city streets portrayed on television. While many cities in New York fit this dynamic, there are towns and villages that illustrate the perfect suburbia.

New York holds some of the wealthiest towns, villages, and cities in the nation. These areas are rarely given the same praise or spot in the limelight as larger cities such as Manhattan and Brooklyn, but these luxurious regions are sure to stun you with their upscale demographics.

The two counties that hold the majority of New York’s wealthiest cities are Nassau and Westchester. Nassau County is located on Long Island and has a total population of 1,339,532 people. Westchester, on the other hand, has a somewhat smaller population of 968,802. Both of these counties are home to some of the wealthiest cities in New York. provides us with the statistics surrounding each city on our list of New York’s richest cities.