Top 10 Sports Bloopers

Photo by JonRidinger

Photo by JonRidinger

Relive the best sports bloopers here.

Millions of fans watch sports for the excitement and thrill of seeing their favorite athletes and teams win. The most thrilling part of any game are the unexpected moments that happen while watching a live sports event. These moments are often shared and talked about for years after they happen. Sometimes they are great moments that are a once in a lifetime play. Other times they are mistakes, or a series of comedic things that go very wrong.

A sports blooper can be something funny that happens, or it can mean a major mistake that costs a team an entire game. These moments are etched not only in the minds of the viewers, but also the players. After all, their actions can impact careers for a long time. The split second when maybe their depth perception is off by mere centimeters, can mean the championship or even the player’s job.

Reminiscing on bloopers from the past can be one of the best ways to remember the good times you’ve had while enjoying your favorite sports. Here are the top 10 funniest and most cringe-worthy sports bloopers.