Top 10 US Colleges with the Best Return on Investment

Photo by Kevin Tostado

Photo by Kevin Tostado

Is your college on the list?

Although not everything can be quantified when considering schools, for those who are looking for colleges with the best return on investment, it is possible to determine this figure. Not every school is going to ensure you are going to get a great job; and, even if you attend one with a great ROI, you aren’t guaranteed a job or salary.

But, when you are choosing a school to apply to, don’t you want to know it has high graduation rate, and that its students earn more than others on average? You want a great college experience that’s worth the money you’ve paid. With this said, you also have to consider how much you are going to get in return on the investment you are making now, especially with the cost of schools being so high in recent years.

For the student who wants a great degree, and wishes to earn a competitive salary after graduation, these are some of the schools with the best return on investment, according to data provided by Not only do students make more on average, but most of the students who graduate typically land jobs much quicker than their counterparts with similar degrees from other schools.


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