The Top 5 Happiest States in the Nation

Did your state make the top 5?

A list ranking the top 5 happiest states to live in was released by Gallup and Healthways, based on their Well-Being Index. 176,000 U.S. citizens were interviewed in five different categories in order to determine the status of their well-being, and how happy they were with their standard of living.

The interviewees were asked questions surrounding their financial and economic statuses, social relationships, community and social aspects, physical status, and their level of purpose. The purpose category refers to how motivated each resident feels in reaching their goals, and how happy they are on a day-to-day basis.

A few of the states mentioned in the list may surprise most readers. Many assume that places like New York and Connecticut seem to be the most appealing regions to live in, due to so many individuals aspiring to relocate to said areas, and must be the happiest states to live in. Contrary to popular belief, the University of Warwick’s Andrew Oswald concluded that many people assume these areas are the best to live in, relocate to the areas, and cause an inflation of population and housing costs. While some of these states may not be mentioned as frequently in common conversation, residents are completely content with what these states have to offer.